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Anton Rubinstein. Chronicles of the Epoch.

The “Art-November” Festival’s exhibition is dedicated to an extraordinary cultural figure of Russian history – the founder of the Imperial Russian Musical Society and the first Russian Conservatory, a great pianist, professor, composer, conductor and reformer – Anton Grigorievich Rubinstein.

The exhibition will present to the public the unique facsimile copies of the documents from Pavel Tretyakov’s personal archives – never part of any exposition before, they are housed at the Manuscripts Department of the Tretyakov Gallery, the premier national collection of treasured Russian art. These documents tell us the story of Rubinstein and give us a glimpse of his complex personality, just like his portrait by Ilya Repin that Pavel Tretyakov included in the gallery of the great Russian cultural leaders.

The centrepiece of the Festival’s exhibition programme is “Anton Rubinstein. Chronicles of the Epoch” presented in the State Institute of Art Sciences. The collection of documents on display – the materials from the archives of the New York Philharmonic – gives Russian public a chance to learn more about Rubinstein’s unprecedented American tour of the 1872-73 season, the recollections of Joseph Hofmann, Rubinstein’s student, as well as publications in the American press honouring 100th anniversary of Rubinstein’s birth. Anton Rubinstein was a pioneer who led the way as the representative of Russian music to North America and laid the foundation of cultural communications between the two countries. Rubinstein enjoyed extraordinary fame and was titled the first “Steinway Artist” in history; his work as a guest conductor of the New York Philharmonic was a momentous event in American music and is recorded as such. A rare book about Rubinstein, published by the “Steinway and Sons” in 1922 is another unique exhibit alongside the score of the symphony “Ocean” (also from the NY Philharmonic) with marginalia of those great conductors who performed the “Ocean” for decades after the composer’s death.

The exhibition is the first phase of the “Anton Rubinstein: Crossing the Ocean” project announced in 2010 and is aimed to restore the spacial integrity of Rubinstein’s versatile activity. The next phase of the project is reconstructing Anton Rubinstein’s extraordinary American tour with performances by the best Russian and international musicians, and thus to bridge the two continents and to unite worldwide musical community in promotion and popularization of great musician’s great heritage.

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