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Organ and Chamber Music

It is for the first time that organ music is included in the “Art-November” Festival programme. Three organ concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach, three major sequences of Bach’s organ and choral adaptations: “Little Organ Book”, "Leipzig" Chorale Preludes ("The Great Eighteen" chorales), and "German Organ Mass", part of Clavier-Übung III – a true encyclopaedia of Bach’s work.

Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul will host the performances of Bach’s organ music by Maria Blazevich, winner of international competitions, Alexei Semionov, Soloist of Moscow State Philharmonic Society, and Dmitri Ushakov, winner of Russian and international competitions, organist at Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul.

The Festival’s programme will also include all piano trios by Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as vocal and instrumental works by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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