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“Art-November” Festival Introduces the “New Art Generation” Project

A new project of the Art-November festival will start on September 29 in the home of academic music in Moscow – the mansion housing the International Union of Musicians, opposite the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The New Art Generation project presents to Moscow’s conservative audiences different trends in the modern musical and visual arts which have already made their mark on the international arena and are bound to become central to the new century’s aesthetics.

The New Art Generation programme for 2011/12 includes concerts dedicated to three Russian composers of international renown: the legendary composer and pianist Nikolai Kapustin (December 18 2011); Iraida Yusupova, winner of the Courtens d’Or prize at the Rusk-Off festival in Nice (September 29 2011); and Alexei Kurbatov, creator of the “Lord of the Rings” symphony performed to great acclaim in Meiningen (April 6 2012).

The group of artists invited by the festival to participate in the New Art Generation series includes the outstanding American pianist Christopher Taylor, who is visiting Moscow for the first time. On November 25 the Russian audience will have a unique opportunity to hear him performing works by William Bolcom, Derek Bermel and Frederic Rzewski, that have brought their composers, as well as performers, international recognition. The Russian premieres of compositions by Philippe Leroux, Richard Barrett, Georg Friedrich Haas, Peter Ablinger, and Salvatore Sciarrino are presented by the researcher and connoisseur of new music, the pianist Yury Favorin (February 3 2012).
On October 18 2011 Elena Revich, Evgeny Stembolsky and Mikhail Dubov perform the works of Valentin Silvestrov, Iannis Xenakis and Toru Takemitsu – composers who in many ways define the vectors of the search for a new musical vocabulary in the 21st century. The programme of the October concert also features premieres, such as the first-ever Moscow performance of the famous Moscow-based composer Pavel Karmanov’s opus for violin and piano titled “A Swimming Pool”. Another premiere is a piece for violin and piano composed specifically for this concert by a long-time resident of Germany, participant of the Heidelberg Spring Festival and finalist of the Youtube Composers Competition, Alexandra Filonenko.

The New Art Generation concerts, bringing together such brilliant performers as Elena Revich, Rem Urasin, Alexei Volodin, Christopher Taylor, Alisa Gitsba and the New Russian Quartet, are certain to delight Muscovite audiences and to endow the featured works with outstanding interpretations and a long performance life.

Throughout the season, musical experiments will go hand in hand and cross paths with experiments in painting, graphics and sculpture carried out by famous Moscow-based artists, creating in the listeners’ and viewers’ minds a special “testing ground”. Thus, Alexander Dragovoy, invited to open the marathon of shows, presents expressive improvisations on Biblical themes, exposing the thorny path of spiritual quest characteristic for his generation. Harry Zukh, setting out to embody the “ideal” in his spatial compositions, visualises the “canons” of men and horses. The unique inventor of painterly techniques Oleg Safronov publicizes his philosophical idea of how every new generation is doomed to build its own Tower of Babel. The role of principal destroyer of the classic canons is assigned to Alexander Burganov – the internationally acclaimed sculptor, as well as artist and poet, who, as the art scholar Valery Turchin aptly put it, conducts a “dialogue with chaos”. Alla Bedina discovers “Kafkaesque” depths in her series titled “Psychoanalysis” devoted to the decade of the 1930s in the Soviet Union. The season will be rounded off with an exhibition of elegant, well-crafted watercolours by Lyubov Lesokhina, which clearly demonstrate to viewers that realism is alive, and that this artwork is a kind of “return to roots”. The line-up of shows is organised by the permanent partners of the Art-November festival – the ASTI Gallery and the Grany Foundation.

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