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Technical Brilliance

Cycle I: Virtuoso violinists

Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of Music
October 20 2012 – April 14 2013

In recent centuries, the art of music has been inseparably tied to performance skills. Creation of new music and instruments, concert programmes, histories of halls and festivals – all these have a markedly personified history. Nowadays, it is technical mastery that defines a musical and historical context and its transformation vectors.

From the very start, the Art November Festival has rightly been proud of the technical brilliance of its concert programmes. The names of performers appearing every year on Art November’s Moscow stages adorn seasonal posters of the world’s main halls. Many soloists have grown and become accomplished performers together with the Festival, and many, at the peak of their glory, had supported the Festival at the start of its existence with their participation and have remained its friends, sympathizers and permanent participants.

As a sign of gratitude and friendship, the Art November Festival is announcing a longstanding cycle entitled “Technical Brilliance. The Stars of the Art November Festival”. In the 2012-2013 season, the Moscow audience will have an opportunity to enjoy the performance of such outstanding representatives of the Russian violin school as Nikolai Sachenko, the winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1998, Graf Murzha, winner of the Monte Carlo Competition in 2010, Nikita Borisoglebsky, winner of the Sibelius Competition in 2010, and Ilya Gringolts, winner of the Paganini Competition in 1998.

The Technical Brilliance cycle is dedicated to Anton Rubinstein – the founder of academic musical education and a technical performance school in Russia.


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