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The New Art Generation

“Tchaikovsky & Moscow” Museum
October 27 2012 – April 6 2013

Developing the idea of experimental space in the area of modern composition, performance and artistic thought, Art November continues its project “The New Art Generation”, having considerably extended its range of participants. From October 2012 through to April 2013 Moscow audiences will have a chance to hear modern European, American and Japanese music performed by Michel Bourdoncle, the famous French pianist, piano duets from Switzerland (Anastasia Volchok and Darya Volchok-Scarrano) and Spain (Carlos Lama and Sofia Cabruja) and a Norwegian duet of Michael Süssmann (violin) and Signe Bakke (piano).

The “composition” chapter of the cycle will be represented by Alexei Sysoev, a frantic improviser, whose large-scale works have formed the basis of a musical and scenic Full Moon composition for the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympics; Alexei Chernov, a pianist and composer, a follower of national musical traditions and late romantic stylistics, and one of the founders of the STAM Festival of modern academic music; and Pavel Karmanov, one of the most well-known contemporary Russian composers, whose works will be performed by the famous American group OdeonQuartet. Recitals will include the participation of the RusQuartet, Error 404 and Yury Favorin, a favourite of Moscow audiences.


Information and booking of tickets: +7 (495) 629-93-90

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