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Press release

The Festival

The 18th International Arts Festival “Art-November” will be held in Moscow November 1-30th, 2011.

For the first time this November, the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory will be among the organizers of the Festival - State Institute of Art Sciences, Moscow International House of Music, GRANY Foundation and Moscow International Theatre Centre “The Whole World”.

Last year, “Art-November” 2010 marked a new direction in the Festival’s efforts to preserve and restore Russian culture, develop the tradition of music education and philanthropy established by Anton Rubinstein, strengthen cultural ties between the nations of the world and promote outstanding achievements of the Russian culture in this country and abroad. One of the long-term goals of this project is to have the year 2029 – the 200th anniversary of Rubinstein’s birth – proclaimed by UNESCO “International Year of Anton Rubinstein” and create the “Anton Rubinstein Institute” that would take its place among such national cultural institutions as “Goethe-Institut” in Germany and “Instituto Cervantes” in Spain and become a world centre of Russian music arts.

The Festival’s 2011 programme will follow the tradition of Anton Rubinstein’s “Historical Recitals”. Anton Rubinstein’s and Felix Mendelssohn’s educational activity resulted in popularization of Bach and Beethoven so that their musical pieces became an integral part of the repertoire. More than one hundred musical compositions by Bach and Beethoven, rightfully named among the “gold reserve” of world classical music, will be performed by the best renowned musicians through the month of November. “Art-November” of 2011 will also be presenting two ambitious concert sequences – Bach-Marathon and Ludwig van Beethoven. All Sonatas. Beethoven’s piano trios and Bach’s organ, vocal and instrumental music will also be part of the Festival’s programme. Anton Rubinstein’s historical and cultural legacy will become the focus of the Festival’s exposition.

A new project of the Art-November festival The New Art Generation starts in September 2011. The New Art Generation programme throughout the season 2011/12 presents to Moscow’s conservative audiences different trends in the modern musical and visual arts which have already made their mark on the international arena and are bound to become central to the new century’s aesthetics. Another project “Russian Art. Heritage” introducing Russian music, visual arts and literature is devoted to the Russian art of the 20th century.
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